Happy Democracy Day

  • It’s a year this administration has been in power and one major achievement so far is the creation of the TSA (Treasury Single Account). This system inter alia, is to eliminate multiple accounts which most times create cracks in the walls of government funds hence corruption striving in all spectrum of the society. Very laudable I must say, but the question I am asking is how has this TSA translate to an economic benefit to the downtrodden? I am just curious and I want to know how the gathering of money into one source without appropriating it except the payment of salaries put food on the table of the common man out there? I think it’s about time we began to ask salient questions and not been fooled or biased because of our party affiliations. The suffering is too much and there is anger in the land. The present government must rise to it promises to bring CHANGE to the people and not CHAIN them. The citizens are expectant and the expectations shouldn’t be caught off. We cannot be told to be patient anymore, because our patience have since ran thin due to unfulfilled promises. Buhari should not disappoint Nigerians because the consequence would be too hard on those that voted him there. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Happy Democracy day.



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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

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