The scrapping of the post-UTME by the Minister of Education is a right step in  the right direction which this administration has undertaken within this one year of its existence and it is laudable and a welcome development. But suffice it to say that this policy and many others that have come and gone in the education sector has been a shaken beem that is trying to collapse the education system in Nigeria. The reason for my submission is unbiasely not farfetched,  first and foremost,  it seems to me that every government that come to power would want to do an experiment with the education sector,  for example, yours sincerely attended the CLASS 5 educational system whereby after your primary 6, you go through from class 1 to 5. But as we where about leaving that year IBB came with the 6-3-3-4 system which was actually in my view a sham, as we were not prepare for it yet it was slammed on us.

However, the system has come a long way and we are now use to it. At some point the Obasanjo administration was almost going to effect another change in the sector, the then Minister of Education,  Ezekwesile was almost at the verge of reverting it to 9-5-4 system which was cut short, (Thank God it was so). During this period,  there was this cry that JAMB could not meet up with the conduct of the educational standard of entrance examination into our tetiary institutions in the country due to it porous nature in conducting such examination. Then each University was allowed to conduct their internal entrance examination for the candidates that meet up with their standard. This was again met with bricks wall as it was now for CASH and CARRY system where who can pay gets the admission,  although this system of each University conducting their internal entrance examination was far better than the JAMB’ organised one, where marks were inflated, scores were manipulated in fact it was free for all coming game.  And also it was not an easy venture especially for the parents of this candidates who have to pay through their nose for both examinations, and candidates had to travel to different schools away from their homes in so doing, there were several motor accident and most candidates lost their lives in the process. 

Now the Federal Ministry of Education has reverted the entrance examination back to status quo. Only JAMB can now conduct entrance exams for the Nigeria Universities. My worry, is that will the seemily monsters that were found before with the then JAMB, will  they not raise their ugly heads again? Knowing full well that some of the human elements that were there then when exam malpractice,  result falsification, scores boosting and all the evil practices were at the highest pick are still in the service of JAMB? It’s just my curiosity,  if only I could get an answer.

The way forward is for the JAMB body to make sure that apart from monitoring the candidates against examination malpractice,  they should look inward and monitor their staff especially those in the exams and records, those that have something to do with the computers so that what happened at the beginning will not repeat itself. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.




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