Leaderless leadership

When would Africa leaders know the right thing to do and do it?

When would they stop inflicting pains on their subjects? The pains are excruciating who can know it? And yet they are not perturbed. I wish I am not from this part yet I am happy I am. Again, maybe we bargain for this because as Rawlins once said that a people deserve the kind of leader they get. I want to agree with him but again I am tempted to refute it because some of them are good for example Nelson Mandela who laid down his life for his people and yet was ready to quit when it was time. Africans should take their destiny in their hands and request from their leaders their stewardship.  Yes! Our leaders should tell us how they manage our commonwealth. They can not tell us to tighten our belts while they loosen theirs, it is an abomination for one person to eat the food of everybody.

Africans my brothers and sisters we hold our destiny in our hands.

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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

One thought on “Leaderless leadership”

  1. The situation we are in in Nigeria is not funny. It’s terrible to say the least. People are dieing and the little hope they once had has been dashed by the inhuman policy of the present government.


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