Re: Edo Gubernatorial Election tension.

Wow! The first lap in the gubernatorial election which is the primaries have gone for the APC in the state. And the election has been won and loss and the tension, well still there but not as tensed as it was before the primaries.

Godwin Enogheghase Obaseki has clinged the ticket and is now the flag bearer of APC. As always, some aspirants have complained of some irregularities and the hijacked of the process by the comrade governor for his anointed candidate which is Godwin Obaseki.

However, the primaries have come and gone, others who did not win should support the one that won so that they can have one house, for a house divided against itself will not stand. Notwithstanding,  we are aware, the PDP primaries come up tomorrow Monday the 20th of June.  Let us pray for the party for a peaceful election and a candidate of their choice would emerged and at the end Edo people will be at peace with one another.



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