Still on Edo State Election: the tension that is brewing.

As true to type the prediction that Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu will emerged as the PDP flag bearer has come to fruition. Prior to the PDP primaries, Godwin Obaseki has clinged that of the APC.  So the mathematical prediction that the final battle will be between Ize-Iyamu and Obaseki challenging at the poll has come to pass.

This two candidates are powerful in their own rights considering their backgrounds.  Obaseki though a neophyte in the games of politics in the state but has the backing of the Comrade governor both financially and otherwise. Ize-Iyamu has got the pedigree and has been the home boy since the beginning of the return of democracy in 1999. He was once the Chief of Staff and subsequently the Secretary to the State Government during the time of Chief Lucky Igbinedion as a governor.  He has his experience playing out for him, he has the support of many especially now that the Comrade governor has seemingly wane in popularity in the state due to some of his unpopular policies in recent past. 

However, the Comrade governor would do everything possible to enthrone his candidate at least if not for anything but to have relevance in the State politics when he has long gone.

Obviously, as the stage is set for the real election, money will be lavished at high and low places. Again the question is, does Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has the financial muscles to withstand the money politics we practice in this part of the world? Yours sincerely do not have an answer to that very salient question but what l do know will play out, is that there will be a reckless spending of money and he that has it most, will come tops. 

My appeal however is that the game should be played in a sportsmanship style where the looser congratulates the winner without recourse to violence even without litigation.  As the September 10th date with destiny draws close, I urge the Edo people to be vigilant to know the better candidate to be the governor and pray for peace and decorum. And without blood  letting and mayhem where other states would learn from us. Until then, congratulations to the two major parties for a peaceful and successful primaries. 

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