Nigerians are hardworking!

Who says Nigerians are not hard working? Or that they are lazy? The person may have been coming from the space or perhaps has been in Nigeria  but passive. Passivity, as you may know is the senior  cousin to docility as both have the same surname which is IDLENESS. 

Coming back to what I set out to write, Nigerians – boys, girls, men and women  are very strong and hardworking. Any Nigerian  born of a Nigerian mother and father almost always succeed outside their shores, acedamically and otherwise they come tops. And in all spectrum of life they keep their heads high above their shoulders. Do your findings, and it will amaze you what you will find.

What then is the problem  at home, that it seems that  our vibrant youths are lazy and low-spirited? I think the answer to this question should be seached in the  midst of our political confusion. The political  bigwigs out of their magnanimosity of the fears of the unknown, would not  want the younger generation to pick up their pieces and redefined their tomorrow. They would  always  want this people around them to carry out their nefarious activities. And if they dare to empower them, the acolytes praises of “up chair”, “it is a chair”, “my chair”, “my leader”, will cease. And because they have so impoverished this people in wellbeing and intellects, they still find them around by the dangling of some naira notes on their faces. Oh what a contextual higgledy-piggledy! 

      Like they would always say, “keep hope alive”. I urge the very patriotic Nigerians men and women to remain focus, strong, hardworking and keep hope alive. We will get there  someday. It might not be soon, but we will get there. Always let your head be on your shoulders, then no man will be able to rubbish you. Just some words of encouragement in the face of the excruciating circumstantial situational situation. Have a good day,

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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

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