A Messiah to the rescue

    Wait a minute! What did we vote for? A CHANGE or a CHAIN? I think I heard well, it was a change they preached to us and we unequivocally embraced it. But the CHANGE has since changed. The terror we now face is the big question, WHY DID WE ASK FOR CHANGE?  But there was nothing wrong to ask for a change since we were disatisfied with the previous government. Look at what our request has placed us; hunger, sickness, strife,  poverty,hatred and anger. oma se o! Some pundits have warned that people should be careful of what they want, for they may not want what they get. So true! But for how long are we going to continue to lament over the change we have invoked on ourselves?  No salaries for those who have worked, but a labourer deserves his wages. And for those that have their cars, they cannot fuel them for a fortnight with their salaries as their salaries can not take them home talk more of carrying extral load. Our wives can no longer go to the market for fear of been embarrassed by their co-women in the market because of the prices of food stuffs. Where did we get it wrong, that we suffer this untold hardship? Where?

    Even the Labour Unions that gave us hope when it all started, have since developed a cold feet. And their acolytes in the “temple of aluta” have since turned tail. But must we cry over our food before we eat it?  For how long can we sustain this without been angry? The situation we are now is unbearable and therefore need a Messiah to the rescue. The question now is, can we still find a messiah in Nazareth? And in the midst of robbers and rogues?  Yet we need one to come to the rescue. S O S!


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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

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