Edo State Political Arena: The Tension Still on

    Looking again at the political arena in the state, vis-a-vis the happenings in the two major political parties – the PDP and APC, one would want to predict that the tension has not died down yet. 

    The pronouncement and counter pronouncements of the various courts have also not help matters. The PDP  now has two “legitimate” candidates ready for the September 10th gubernutorial election, no thanks to the judiciary manipulation of the politics which is laughable and ridiculous. This situation has also given the APC a hazy picture of whom to face between this two candidates at the election. The issue of two titans fighting in the APC – the governor and his deputy that may result to a squabble during the election has been clandestinely resolved by the comrade himself, therefore the APC seem set for the election. We are hoping that the PDP bearing in mind the time factor would quickly resolve their conflict and prepare their house for the major event in September. 

    To conclude therefore, we are waiting and hoping for an election without rancour.  An election where credible and sensible men would know the right thing to do and do it. And not dishonest and dishonourable men who would say one thing today and deny what they have said tomorrow. We want men who can fix their differences and face the challenges ahead.

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One thought on “Edo State Political Arena: The Tension Still on”

  1. Our Judiciary should wake up to the heavy task ahead. This dastardly manipulations of the politics would not help the system. Tensions are high and there is anger in the air, the only body that could help is the Judiciary. So they should braze up to the challenges.


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