What would have informed the thought of the security agents to have wanted the Edo State election be postponed? They have to wait until 3 days to the election to announced to the world that there is a threat of terrorists to cause havoc in the state. And this is after announcing that about 25,000 Police personnels and other security agents would be deployed to the state for the security of lives and property during the election, and all of a sudden, they announced a security threat? Isn’t this funny? Or could  we say a weakness in the part of the security men? Or is it that some water have passed through the bridge? 

But why are we like this? Imagine this variables, people have travelled from afar taken risks on our roads, air and seas to exercise their franchise and also the aspirants who have spent money and time, taken known and unknown risks, having sleepless nights looking forward to  the day, only to be told that the election is postponed 2 days to the time, haba! What would you call that? Smartness or intelligence?

What would have informed the security agents to come out with this security gimmick? Or is it that some strong political bigwigs are trying to buy time so as to kill the interest of the electorates like what happened during the last Presidential and House of Assembly’s elections in the state? The scenerio was that the PDP won the Presidential election but a week that follows after the announcement of president Buhari as the overall winner of the election, a lot of electorates gave up as if what is the need to go ahead and vote. Most of the voters didn’t vote when that of the State House of Assembly came, and the ruling party had a free day and they came out victorious at the end of the day. It is a good strategy, but sometimes such don’t work as the people may be desirous for a change.

However, the situation on ground as it were calls for concern  and apprehension concerning the capability of our security agents to protect the citizens. The failure no doubt has rubbish their ability to make their words their bound. This is an election that the date has been fixed long ago and yet the Police and the DSS decided to wait until 3 days to the election before coming out to announce that there is a threat,  therefore the election should be postponed. An election that over 25,000 Policemen were ready to be deployed. With this circumstance on ground, it has shown to us that our Policemen are weak and lilylivered. If not, we could believe that there is a compromised.

This situation reminded me of one time President of France, Charles De Gaulle who was advised by his security men not to appear in a particular function because it was too dangerous that he could be killed. After listening to all their submissions, he said to them ” I am the president of France and I want to perform my duty, and you as the security men your duty is to protect me, therefore go and perform your duty”. If everyone and every agent can perform  their duties, there would be no lapses. Our security men by this singular act has disappointed Edolites in particular and Nigerians in general. I dare say that they are chicken-hearted, therefore not fit to protect us. This is just an election for a state, yet they have developed a cold feet, what if it were the whole nation going to the polls? This is laughable to say the least, that 25,000 policemen can not protect the citizen of a state during an election. Oma se o! Owa kaka bo damwen!

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