Be our guild o Lord!

      There is hunger in the land. The federal government  has said  that the government is broke therefore they have to cut cost. Even up to the making of souvenirs in conferences and seminars were to be stopped. We have even heard that  some  federal government  establishments have been issued circular  that their September 2016 salaries might not be paid. Some states have gone as  far as reducing their  work days from 5 to 3. Some  have threatened that their workers should  collect 50% of their  salaries or face the consequences of forfeiting all. All these are measures put in place in order to cut costs. But the irony of all this is that some states governors still have the luxury of throwing money around for campaigns – billions of naira. With this situation that slaps me on my face, I am tempted to believe that the government  of the day is deceiving  us by hiding  the state  of  our finances from us when they say  the  government is broke. If the government is broke, where do some states governors have money to throw around for  campaigns? If truely the government  is broke, where did the  federal government  get millions of  naira running into billions to  subsidise the Muslims  brothers and sisters going for their personal  spiritual benefits at Mecca? God  help us from the the hands of lieing lips. Help Nigeria Lord so that we can get it right. Help our President to be focus and lead by example. Give him health so that he will not be incapacitated to bring the change he promised. Teach our state governors to be prudent in spending as the fear of EFCC is the begining of wisdom. Give our youths the courage to challenge those that oppress them and not to rubbishly mortgage  their future for N5,000. These and many more I pray o Lord!

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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

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