There is this general phrase that our government officials use each time they introduce an unpopular policy and that is “there is no going back”. This to me is uncouth, unacceptable and quite unfortunate in a democratic setting.

If democracy defines it’s meaning, it is a government that is people driven. It is the people who must decide the way they should be governed and not few who perhaps by devine providence or by hook or crook have the opportunity to sit in a position of power.

Government officials are Public Servants and not Public Masters or Slave Drivers, so whatever they do should be seen as serving the people and not enslaving them. Government functionaries in Nigeria have become tin gods and autocratic in their pronouncements and actions oblivious of the fact that they are in that position to serve. A case in point was when the Minister of Power, Housing and Works Mr Fashola said that “there was no going back” on the increment of Electricity tariff by the NERC and the DISCOS  when the people protested against it and a court of competence has given a stay of execution on this policy yet they went ahead and do their biding, as according to him, removal of tariff will worsen the power problem in the country. So it was again during the past administration of President Jonathan when the then Minister of Petroleum announced the increased of petroleum pump price, it was also the same phrase “ there is no going back”. The very recent one, a competent court has given a judgement that the electricity tariff that was increased should be reversed back to the status quo. Again,  the management of DISCOS said No! That in as much as they respect the court judgement, but they are going to appeal it, as they have asked for a stay of execution of the same judgement, that “ there is no going back” on their policy.

The question now is, who are the benefactors of this various policies by the government? The citizenry or the public functionaries? It is sad that in a democratic system that we are in, the people who are supposed to be the benefactors of the benevolent of the government policies are now the weeping underdogs of government malevolent policies. Why are we then practicing democracy if the people do not benefit from the government policies, we could have as well go back to the dark days of the military.

Public functionaries should know that the people are the steerers of government wheels of progress in democracy and not the very few that the benevolent spirits have cracked their palm canel for. The timely this is known and imbide, the better for the system.  Let the government policies not be anti-people rather a pro-people for the sake of peace, equity and justice. And the Public Servants should always have at the back of their minds, that they came from the people and the people they shall return at the end of their service.  Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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I am a 5.8 ft man, hails from Oredo in Benin. I am married with kids.

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