Buhari’s inability to manage tough situation!

When Buhari came on board as the President Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Nigerians had high hopes because to them the past administration of President Jonathan has not fared well therefore needed a change of government. But the policies Buhari now have for the nation are covertly or overtly not suitable to the yearnings and aspirations of the people hence unacceptable to all and sundary.  The situation we now find ourselves is likened to a camel that had stayed patiently walking long distance without water and suddenly water is in sight and in a bid to hasten to drink from the water it is pulled away to a different direction by its driver, that is the situation we find ourselves. Revolts everywhere because the people have been pulled away to another direction entirely.

Buhari could not manage the situation he found on ground, it seems to me that he was not ready for the position of a president and that is why when he had it, it took him almost eternity to pick ministers and in picking them, he recircled old and weak brains that also have questionable characters in the society. And secondly, he could not manage the promises he made to the people and to worsen the situation his media managers are double talkers who lie with impunity. The so call fight against corruption is one sided and that questions the sincerity and credibility of the agendum. One thing is said today and another tomorrow. He came in to tell the nation that no public officer should travel abroad for any medical treatment,  but today, I wonder what he is doing every other month away  from the shores of Nigeria. He has never address any issue headlong, rather he lives critical issues to the Ministers and SAs who do not have good knowledge of what the issues are.

Nigerians are tired of this double talks, double games and insincerity. We need actions not blame games, we want to smile and not cry, light and not darkness, work and not stalemate. Nigerians do not have patient any longer because it has run dried. This administration should wake up to their responsibilities and make good their promises.

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One thought on “Buhari’s inability to manage tough situation!”

  1. When somebody lacks knowledge of something, he asks those more knowledgeable but Buhari does not know how to move this country forward yet he wouldn’t ask for help.


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